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This blog is dedicated to visual advertising, especially in video and photo format, as it pertains to the marketing mix. Few realize the powerful effects of audiovisual content in the 21st Century. This blog will highlight many reasons why one cannot leave videos out of their marketing mix, in fact, highlight why it is a MUST to utilize videos in your marketing mix. Consumers are looking for efficient ways in gathering information in our overly saturated global marketplace. Learning new and tough material is made easier via audiovisual communication efforts, and I hope that this blog can convince more organizations to adopt such practices to make learning easier for all involved! The quicker you can get your message across in a polished and articulated manner, the faster your audience can get through the learning (selling or buying in some cases) process…without even leaving their couch! The possibilities are endless with audiovisual content!

My name is Catherine “Cat” Okoye and I am a sales representative of The Mansion Life who also partners with Filippo Cavalca, owner of Feel For Films. To learn more about me, visit my LinkedIn page here (linkedin.com/in/catherineokoye).

If you are interested in utilizing services provided by I, or my affiliate partners, please feel free to Contact me!


Cat Okoye

Advertising & Public Relations Professional